NY Water Taxi Homeport

1- water taxi

In response to the growth in waterborne transportation in New York Harbor, New York Water Taxi (NYWT) was formed to establish a new small-scale waterborne transportation system linking waterfront neighborhoods and major tourist destinations on the Hudson and East Rivers and other areas of the New York Harbor beginning in July, 2002. Waterborne transportation in the New York Harbor has grown rapidly since 1986, when the only ferry service was the Staten Island Ferry, operated by the NYC Department of Transportation.

Last summer there were 13 private ferry routes carrying 32,000 passengers each day to Midtown and Lower Manhattan, primarily from New Jersey. EMWPC is working with NYWT in connection with the design and permitting of its floating docks throughout New York Harbor. In addi­tion, the firm is designing NYWT’s new Home­port in Erie Basin, Brooklyn.


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