hudson river restaurant and marina

dyckman 1

This was a design study for a proposed restaurant on the Hudson River in upper Manhattan. The site commands spectacular views across the Hudson River to the Palisades and down the river to the George Washington Bridge. 

The program called for an open air restaurant operated during the late spring, summer and early fall seasons.  It also asked for a 2,100 sf kitchen, a bar under a 2,500 sf canopy, a storage area, office and a take-out window onto the street. 

The design of this building took full advantage of the drama and beauty of the Palisades and the views up and down the river.  Blending with its native environment, the one story building was proposed to be covered with Boston Ivy.  In addition to being one of the hardiest Ivy plants, Boston Ivy changes colors with the seasons and loses its leaves during the winter. The skin of the building, therefore, will be changing as the seasons change, mimicking the Palisades they face. 

In the proposed plan, the patrons will enter the project site via a court yard with two reflecting pools and Ivy walls and plants, leaving the noisy and dusty street behind.  As they use the ramp to get to the main level of the restaurant they will walk through a large opening that frames the view of the Palisades.  As they walk through the opening, they will get the full effect of the panorama.


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