Liberty Warehouse (Pier 41 N.Y.)


Building on the success of the nearby Fairway Market, Liberty Warehouse is yet another example of the adaptive re-use of a civil war era warehouse.  EMWPC worked on this project from its inception and helped to transform a portion of the building (12,600 square feet) from a mostly manufacturing and merchandise storage use into an exciting venue for private parties and corporate events. 

In discussions with the owner, it was clear that he did not want to lose the character of the original building. The goal for this site therefore, was to maintain the integrity of this building, enhance the natural elements and provide an empty canvas that could be transformed for any occasion.

With a building that has survived over 150 years alterations were inevitable for its future purpose.  To update the building energy efficient windows were manufactured, the floors were dressed with new hard wood to complement the existing heavy timber columns and the exposed brick walls were revitalized by power washing.  Aside from restoring the natural aesthetics, EMWPC addressed the building code and life safety issues including analyzing the maximum allowable occupants per space and floor, adding egress exits for safety and collaborating with fire alarm experts to bring the building up to date with emergency notification systems.


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