peekskill, ny restaurant


This proposed restaurant is located at 64 Avenue, Peekskill N.Y. which is within a waterfront zoning district. The building is two blocks from the waterfront near the Peekskill train station at the corner of Hudson Avenue and South Water Street.  It is surrounded by a mix of urban, residential and commercial buildings.  Currently, the existing first floor commercial space is a bar that hasn’t been open to the public in over 20 years.  There are also two existing residential two-bedroom apartments located on the second and third floors. 

We have proposed a 64-seat establishment which will house a full-service restaurant that will feature locally-sourced ingredients for its high-end New American cuisine. The restaurant will have approximately 40 indoor seats and another 24 seats in the outdoor dining area.  In addition to constructing a small first floor addition to provide supplemental kitchen space, we are proposing extensive façade improvements to the entire building. 

The existing stucco façade will be restored and painted.  All windows will be replaced with new ones that are energy efficient. The new windows will be accented with green shutters and wrought iron window boxes with painted wood planters and flowers.  The first floor will feature wooden green patio doors that will open to the outdoor garden dining area. Reclaimed pavers will be used to define the outdoor dining area and planters will separate the sidewalk from the dining area. The existing stone stairway will be replaced with a new steel stairway and balcony featuring a decorative wrought iron railing. The new balcony will allow for outdoor dining on the Water Street side.


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