Radisson Lounge, New Rochelle – “NOMA”

noma 1

NoMa Social is located at 1 Radisson Plaza, New Rochelle, New York within the newly renovated Radisson Hotel.  It is a vibrant Mediterranean dining destination with a sophisticated setting and décor designed to enhance the social experience of dining.  Since its reopening as NoMa in April of 2012, the restaurant and lounge has been a staple of fine dining and nightlife entertainment in the lower Westchester area.

EMW Architectural & Planning worked closely with the clients to develop a design that reflected and broadened their vision for the restaurant.  We then developed working construction documents that outlined the scope of work which included the demolition of the existing bar, ceilings, floors, lighting & mechanical systems. The construction documents also included detailed drawings for a new custom bar, wall coverings, ceilings, and flooring along with retrofitting the existing lighting and HVAC mechanical systems.

The end product is a spacious restaurant and lounge that features built in banquette seating, shelving throughout, retro globe and down lighting, designer furniture and vibrant fabrics.  The main feature is a beautiful custom designed bar and bar back that cleverly doubles as a raised DJ booth. The bar and DJ booth are centrally located in the restaurant helping to create a great atmosphere for dancing and socializing. 


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