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On the evening of October 29, 2012, Tony’s Pier Restaurant, a City Island landmark was destroyed by an electrical fire caused by Superstorm Sandy.   By the next day, EMWPC was meeting with Tony’s owners to develop a strategy for getting this beloved waterfront restaurant open in time to salvage part of the 2013 summer season.  The reconstruction of Tony’s presented our office with unique challenges including:

  • The pre-Sandy restaurant was non-compliant with the New York City’s current zoning.
  • Although it was certain that FEMA would be establishing new Base Flood Elevation Guidelines, It would not be until mid-January 2013 that the guidelines were issued.
  • Within weeks of Sandy, the Mayor announced that the City would be taking steps to ease the way for residents and business to rebuild.  It would however take until the end of January for these special regulations to be implemented.

EMWPC worked closely with the owners and with the City agencies to fast-track the design and approval process.  A demolition permit which normally takes up to six months to obtain was issued within two weeks.  In addition, NYC Department of Transportation granted a special waiver which allowed a new ramp to be built within the City right of way.

Where the original Tony’s had grown in phases over a sixty year period, the new Tony’s would be fully designed within three months and would include modern elements such as a state-of-art kitchen while maintaining the welcoming seaside character that Tony’s patrons had grown to love.

With the cooperation of the City and elected officials Tony’s benefited from an expedited review and construction process and achieved its goal of opening during the summer of 2013.


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